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  • Will Bolton’s Ouster Lead to Changes In Trump Foreign Policy?

    Hunter DeRensis, Matthew Petti National Security, Americas The departure of John Bolton offers a reminder that Trump is the decider in foreign policy. This afternoon President Donald Trump announced the dismissal of his third national security advisor, former ambassador John Bolton. “I informed John Bolton that his services are no longer needed at the White House. I disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions, as did others in the Administration, and therefore I asked John for his...

    The National Interest
  • Misunderstanding Trump’s Foreign Policy

    Descriptions of Trump as having an "anti-militaristic approach" to foreign policy and "opting for dialogue over conflict" are simply wrong as a matter of fact.

    The American Conservative
  • Trump’s foreign policy: chaos

    NYT’s Peter Baker, Bloomberg Opinion’s Tim O’Brien, former congresswoman Donna Edwards, former TIME Magazine managing editor Rick Stengel, former assistant director at the FBI Frank Figliuzzi and former chief of staff for Vice Presidents Gore and Biden Ron Klain on how Trump’s ignorance and instability is impacting the Mideast and beyond
  • Trump’s foreign policy is in shambles, for now

    With Bolton gone, Trump can pull off a rare win with the Iran nuclear deal.
  • A Debauched Culture Leads to a Debauched Foreign Policy

    Our recent hubristic wars did not happen in a vacuum, but downstream from the swamp we call our modern elite.

    The American Conservative
  • More than ever, Mike Pompeo at helm of Trump foreign policy

    Speaking at the White House after John Bolton’s surprise exit as national security adviser, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo couldn’t hide a smile of satisfaction. With the departure of Bolton, Pompeo has become the undisputed king of President Donald Trump’s foreign policy — with the exception, that is, of Trump himself. The former soldier, lawyer [
  • Trump ousts hawkish Bolton, dissenter on foreign policy

    WASHINGTON (AP) - President Donald Trump has abruptly forced out John Bolton, the hawkish national security adviser with whom he had strong disagreements on Iran, Afghanistan and many other global challenges. Tuesday's sudden shake-up marked the latest departure of a prominent voice of dissent from the president's inner circle, as

    The Washington Times