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  • Minut Smart Home Alarm review: This impressive, low-cost home security system emphasizes privacy

    Minut makes several promises to customers who buy its Minut Smart Home Alarm. The manufacturer says its all-in-one device is easy to set up and easy to use, exceptional in accuracy, low in cost, and more sensitive to privacy than competing home security systems. The simplicity and low cost stem from the fact that the Minut doesn’t rely on outboard sensors sprinkled around your home to keep tabs on things, and it’s more private than most systems because it doesn’t rely on cameras or microphones...

  • I can't stop listening to this mixtape of wind chime recordings.

    In the late ’80s, Pauline Oliveros—an esteemed avant-garde composer, accordionist, and sonic philosopher—descended 14 feet underground into a cavernous, resonant cistern and recorded a drone. The resulting album, Deep Listening, is haunting and meditative. It was released in January 1989, more than 30 years ago. And it sprung a movement. The practice of “deep listening”—a [

    Mother Jones
  • Shell sends some Singapore staff home after coronavirus scare

    Shell said on Friday it had identified an employee at its main Singapore office who had been in contact with a coronavirus case and had advised other staff close to him to work from home.

  • A truly smart home should configure itself, argues Apple patent

    An Apple patent application published today describes how a truly smart home could configure itself. Anyone who has ever set up new smart home devices will know that, even with HomeKit, it can be a fiddly and sometimes frustrating experience. When you add a physical smart light switch, for example, telling the app which light(s) it controls isn’t the most user-friendly of experiences

  • Tiger Woods out to set the record straight at home in Tinseltown

    DEREK LAWRENSON IN LOS ANGELES: Here in Tinseltown, therefore, there are some tantalising possibilities in play this week as Woods plays the host trying to gatecrash his own party.

    Mail Online
  • America Sent Dozens of Salvadorans to Death By Sending Them Home

    Mneesha Gellman Security, Americas Street gangs that operate with impunity make El Salvador one of the world’s most violent countries. Few murders are ever solved. At least 138 people deported from the United States to El Salvador since 2013 have been killed, according to a new report by Human Rights Watch, which investigates human rights abuses worldwide. The 117-page report also says researchers identified at least 70 deportees who were sexually assaulted, tortured or kidnapped. Many victims...

    The National Interest
  • Why did Apple buy up another $20B in stock at record highs?

    Since 2012, Apple has been buying back its shares at an extraordinary rate, often exceeding $10 billion-- and frequently approaching $20 billion-- per quarter. Now that its stock has doubled across the last year, why is it continuing to snap up shares?