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  • The quixotic run of anti-Trump Republican Joe Walsh

    DES MOINES -- Give Joe Walsh some credit. On Thursday night here in Iowa, the former GOP congressman spent a couple of hours outside President Trump's rally at Drake University, working the line to talk to Republicans who passionately support the same president Walsh wants to defeat. On Friday, Walsh found himself in a wildly different environment, fielding questions from Democrats about health care, climate change, student loans, and more at the offices of a group called Urban Dreams, which...

    Washington Examiner
  • Joe Walsh ends 2020 GOP bid against Donald Trump

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh ended his Republican primary challenge to President Trump on Friday, abandoning an effort that faced long odds and financial struggles from the start. "I'm suspending my campaign, but our fight against the Cult of Trump is just getting started. I'm committed to

    The Washington Times
  • Donald Trump Stomps Bill Weld and Joe Walsh in Iowa

    It won't get much media attention, but there was a Republican presidential caucus in Iowa tonight, too, and it was as dramatic as it was predictable: President Donald Trump absolutely clobbered primary opponents Bill Weld and Joe Walsh. The most persistently unpopular president since the end of World War II was at a Castro-like 97 percent of the vote with 79 percent of precincts reporting, while Weld and Walsh were at 1.3 percent and 1.2 percent, respectively. This race has never been close, but...
  • ‘I would rather have a socialist in the White House than Donald Trump,’ says Republican Joe Walsh

    Walsh dropped out of the presidential race and plans to help elect Democrats now.