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  • Rhode Island has the United States' worst roads — here's how other states rank

    The United States' infrastructure isn't in great shape.  Not all states are created equal, though: Rhode Island, Oklahoma, and West Virginia rank the top three worst when it comes to maintenance.  QuoteWizard analyzed federal highway data to determine where infrastructure was fairing the worst  — and at what cost to taxpayers.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. It's no secret that America's roads and bridges are crumbling. In its most recent "infrastructure report card," the...

    Business Insider
  • Why didn't bidets catch on in the United States?

    Many people around the world use bidets so they can clean themselves properly after using the toilet. I discovered them in the 1980s in Japan and I installed them in the toilets in my house. (I have the cold-water version, which doesn't require electricity. They cost just and are truly life-changing.) In this video we learn why most Americans don't have bidets. It started because US servicemen first saw them in French brothels in WWII and associated them with prostitution. And when bidet...

    Boing Boing
  • How the United States Could Afford ‘Medicare for All’

    Gerald Friedman Politics, Americas Several Democrats running for president in 2020 support some version of Medicare for all. Health care is Americans’ number-one priority, based on recent polls, so it’s no wonder it’s been a hot topic in the Democratic primary. Every candidate is offering a plan, ranging from Joe Biden’s Affordable Care Act upgrade to Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for all” that would abolish private health insurance. Even the president is joining the bandwagon and unveiled his own...

    The National Interest
  • How China ‘woke’ the United States

    In these times of near civil war, Americans agree on almost nothing. Yet, sometime in 2019, almost all of America finally got “woke” on China. For years, our leaders had yawned about Silk Road neo-imperialism in Africa and Asia, and gross abuses of human rights against Chinese religious minorities and

    The Washington Times
  • The United States is missing in action in Libya

    When America leaves a vacuum, bad actors intervene, Libyan Prime Minister Fayez Serraj says in interview.

    Washington Post
  • LIVE: France vs. United States

  • Impeachment: an excerpt from The Constitution of the United States

    Impeachment is in the air. The impeachment process is laid out in the U.S. Constitution, and the legal rules have been interpreted at several moments of intense national controversy. Not unlike now. If you want to think more about impeachment in constitutional perspective—including the constitutional text, structure, and history—you might be interested in the assignment on impeachment from our constitutional law casebook, The Constitution of the United States (3d ed. 2016). . . . Michael Stokes...