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  • Ben Lerner’s brilliant new novel, ‘The Topeka School,’ captures America’s brutal divisions

    Lerner has a downright forensic ability to trace the pathologies consuming us.

    Washington Post
  • John James Audubon’s Birds of America

    One of the (several dozen) posts I started writing ages ago but never finished was a collection of the hundreds of bird illustrations pictured in John James Audubon’s seminal Birds of America. The images have been floating around on the web forever, in various sizes and collections, and I wanted to group (or at least link to) all of them in one place. But now I don’t have to because the Audubon Society has put them up on their website. John James Audubon’s Birds of America is a portal into the...
  • New study shows how Americans really see success

    Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago? Stephanie Ruhle explores that question with think tank Populace co-founder Todd Rose, Editor-in-Chief of the Bulwark, Charlie Sykes, and former Congressman Steve Israel and discuss how Americans define success – and it’s not all about money.