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  • As goes Winnipeg, so may go Justin Trudeau's political fate

    The battle to control Canada has come to Beaufort Crescent, a slice of Winnipeg that is perhaps the ultimate swing district in this month's national election.

    Los Angeles Times
  • Is it over for Justin Trudeau? – podcast

    Justin Trudeau achieved a historic victory in 2015 but as he nears the end of his first term a series of scandals are making his political future far less certain. With Canada going to the polls next month, journalist Leyland Cecco discusses how likely it is Trudeau will repeat his initial success. And:Kaitlyn Regehr onwhy new sex education lessons in schools are already outdated As Justin Trudeau looks to renew his parliamentary majority in a forthcoming federal election, a series of scandals...

    the Guardian
  • Another triumph of political correctness

    An old story is repeated in France.�
  • Why Trudeau's political survival hinges on Quebec

    The province is living up to its reputation for wild, unpredictable races.