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  • Justin Trudeau urges 'dialogue and mutual respect' to end rail blockade

    Canadian prime minister: ‘I know patience is running short’Indigenous activists are protesting against C$6.6bn gas pipelineJustin Trudeau has called for patience and dialogue as his government seeks a peaceful end to a rail blockade that has shut down freight and passenger traffic. But the Canadian prime minister is under increasing pressure from the Conservative opposition to clear the tracks. For almost two weeks, protesters across the country have taken up the cause of the Wet’suwet’en...

    the Guardian
  • Trump refuses to be politically correct when discussing the dangerous reality of illegal immigration

    During a press conference on Friday, President Trump revisited a story of a 92-year-old great grandmother who was raped, beaten, and murdered by an illegal immigrant. Trump's prepared statement included the word "allegedly." The woman was allegedly raped, beaten, and murdered. As Trump read the statement, he removed allegedly and stated that his lawyers put the word in the statement. Refusing to play the game of political correctness, Trump said the following: "In my State of the Union...

  • Jordan Peterson was vilified for his crusade against political correctness and is now seriously ill

    DOUGLAS MURRAY: In a dramatic video published on YouTube last week, a woman looked to the camera and revealed that her father, Jordan Peterson, was in intensive care in Russia.

    Mail Online