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  • Why Poland Really Needs the Patriot Missile Defense System (Think Russia)

    Dan Goure Security, A robust, modern, integrated Polish air defense will complicate Russian attack planning and help ensure the survivability of both Polish military units and installations, as well as NATO's forward-deployed forces. Poland has become a stalwart member of NATO and a close ally of the United States. It has met the Alliance’s stated goal of spending at least two percent of GDP on defense. Moreover, Poland is spending an increasing share of its defense budget on modernization....

    The National Interest
  • Russia is helping China to build a missile defense system, Putin says

    The Russian president was speaking at annual Valdai Club meeting in Russia's Sochi.

  • Could Israel's Missile Defenses Withstand a Swarm or Missile Attack from Iran?

    Mark Episkopos Security, Who wins in a showdown? Here is all we can tell you about Israel's missile defenses.  You May Also Like: 5 Best Submarines of All Time, 5 Best Aircraft Carriers of All Time, 5 Best Battleships of All Time and Worst Submarine of All Time. In the aftermath of Iran’s alleged drone strikes against Saudi Arabia and military support for Houthi insurgents in Yemen, Prominent figures in Israel’s security establishment are growing increasingly convinced that a direct military...

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  • How Do Russia and China's Air Defense Systems Compare?

    Charlie Gao Technology, Europe Which is superior? Key point: China still buys Russian anti-air defenses but is also working on its own version for export. The HQ-9 is China’s primary long-range domestic surface-to-air missile. Outwardly, it seems similar to the S-300, using large flat face radars and a large missile that vertically launches out of a canister. But since the Sino-Soviet split in the 1950s, China didn’t receive that much assistance in surface-to-air missile development from the...

    The National Interest
  • US bolsters Saudi defense against Iran with jets, missiles

    WASHINGTON (AP) - The U.S. is deploying dozens more fighter jets and additional air defenses to Saudi Arabia, beefing up efforts to defend the kingdom against Iran even as President Donald Trump repeatedly insists that America must get out of endless Middle East wars. Defense Secretary Mark Esper announced the

    The Washington Times
  • Russia Wants to Avoid a New Missile Arms Race in Europe

    Stratfor Worldview Security, Europe And that's a good thing. Key point: The collapse of arms control treaties is dangerous and destabilizing. What Happened: Russian President Vladamir Putin reportedly sent written proposals on Sept. 19 to "several dozen" European capitals, as well as the EU foreign affairs agency and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, to suggest a moratorium on the deployment of the ballistic missiles previously banned under the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF)...

    The National Interest
  • Putin: Russia helps China build missile warning system

    Russian President Vladimir Putin says Moscow is helping China build a system to warn of ballistic missile launches

    ABC News