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  • US pulls anti-missile systems from Saudi Arabia amid dispute

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. is pulling two Patriot missile batteries and some fighter aircraft out of Saudi Arabia, an American official said Thursday, amid tensions between the kingdom and the Trump

  • The Real Reason U.S. Patriot Missile Defense Batteries Are Leaving Saudi Arabia

    Kirsten Fontenrose Security, Middle East The decision to remove Patriots from Saudi soil has very little to do with oil prices or changed assessments of the Iranian threat and everything to do with North Korea and China. The announcement that the United States is moving Patriot batteries out of Saudi Arabia was a surprise to analysts with a stove-piped focus on the Gulf. Immediately following the announcement came erroneous suppositions about the intent and the meaning of the move. The...

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  • Gen. Sean Gainey, Joint Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems Office commander, leads U.S. drone defense

    A surprise drone attack that took out nearly half of Saudi Arabia's oil production and blindsided global markets last year is just the kind of thing that keeps Maj. Gen. Sean Gainey up at night. Gen. Gainey, commander of the Defense Department's new Joint Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems Office, is

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