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  • Big Tech Monitors and Pulls ‘Fake News’

    Following politics – leads to routine sightings of dizzying displays of hypocrisy.  So you tend to get at least a little jaded. But sometimes – the width, depth and breadth of a particular hypocrisy shock you out of your jading. Big Tech’s whiplash-inducing disconnect from content-monitoring reality – is just such an instance. To begin the demonstration – behold Section 230: “Section 230 of | Read More
  • Big Tech’s Takeovers Finally Get Scrutiny

    What cool things have we lost because mammoth companies swallowed up innovative start-ups?
  • What Happens Next with Europe’s New Regulation of Big Tech

    Less than three months after being sworn into office, the cabinet of European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen released on Wednesday ambitious plans for the E.U. to regulate Big Tech going forward, specifically when it comes to artificial intelligence, internet “platforms” and data usage. While the proposals still have a way to go before