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  • America Has a Secret Police Problem

    Earlier this month, I spent a Wednesday afternoon walking through downtown Washington, D.C., to see the aftermath of the recent protests and riots. Federal police had used force to clear peaceful demonstrators out of Lafayette Park next to the White House, to the nation’s stunned horror, only two days earlier. After two-and-a-half months in which the coronavirus pandemic had largely kept me confined to my apartment, it was a surreal experience: What had been a bustling city center before the...

    The New Republic
  • Here’s a Better Look at America's Secret “Ninja Missile”

    Caleb Larson Security, Americas Instead of an explosive charge, the missile uses several pop-out blades to chop up targets and prevent civilian casualties. The Hellfire missile was originally developed in the 1980s as an anti-tank missile, though its role has been expanded for a variety of missions thanks to the missile’s high precision. It is currently in service with a number of countries including the United States, and is most often used with the Predator or Reaper drones for operations in...

    The National Interest
  • The secret spreaders of Covid-19 fuelling the pandemic in the Middle East

    Fears are growing that an underground network of mercenaries is transporting the deadly coronavirus into some of the region's most war-wrecked countries. Bel Trew reports in the second part of our series.

    The Independent
  • Solar eclipse wows stargazers in Africa, Asia, Middle East

    Stargazers in Africa, Asia and parts of the Middle East looked to the skies to witness a partial solar eclipse

    ABC News