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  • How America Won The Secret Race For A Dead Russian Nuclear Submarine

    Task and Purpose Security, A treasure trove of intelligence. Here's What You Need To Remember:  For the better part of two weeks, the world has watched, in hope and horror, as 13 countries embarked on a frantic search for the ARA San Juan, the Argentine sub that went missing on Nov. 15 with a crew of 44 aboard. It’s almost certain now that all hands have been lost, and it could be weeks or months before we know what caused the sub to sink. The first challenge is to locate it. The ARA San Juan...

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  • America Once Wanted to Station Secret Nukes on Iceland (Without Telling Them)

    Michael Peck History, Americas Now that's one cold Cold War plan. Key point: Washington wanted to have nuclear weapons close to the Soviet Union, but it knew Iceland wouldn't like it. Yet it looks like America almost put them there in secret anyway. If Miss Manners were a diplomat, she would tell us how rude it is to place nuclear bombs in the territory of our allies without being invited to. But it turns out that in the 1950s, the United States considered deploying nuclear weapons in Iceland...

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  • Hunger looms in South East Asia as China grabs river, seas

    Filipinos had better produce two million more tons of rice a year. Vietnam and Thailand, from which the Philippines gets cereals, will soon no longer be able to sell. With harvests dwindling, they must conserve stocks for domestic consumption.
  • The rise and fall of Victoria's Secret, America's biggest lingerie retailer (LB)

    AP Photo/Mark Lennihan Victoria's Secret is the largest lingerie retailer in the US and has been for several decades. It has had a powerful role in defining what sexy is in the modern day via its racy lingerie and annual runway shows. But after achieving explosive success in the late 1990s and 2000s, the brand has struggled in more recent years and has been accused of losing relevance.  Here's the story of the rise — and more recent fall — of the brand.       Visit Business Insider's homepage...

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