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  • House plans to vote Tuesday on another short-term spending bill to avert government shutdown

    The House of Representatives will be voting on the next continuing resolution to keep government open on Tuesday. That gives the Senate two days to do its part before funding runs out at the end of the day Thursday. Campaign Action Negotiators in Congress and the White House hope to strike a deal by Wednesday outlining the spending levels in the 12 appropriations bills they still hope to pass by the end of the year to avoid having to do another stop-gap bill into next year. The continuing...
  • When Government Lobbies Government for More Government

    Liberal politicians are shocked—shocked, I tell you—to find gambling going on in a gambling house, or to find that lobbying is going on in the U.S. Capitol. "The rich and the powerful have been calling the shots in Washington forever and ever," said presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren. She's proposed an "anti-corruption" package that would impose as much as a 75-percent tax rate on corporations that spend millions on lobbying. Railing against corporate lobbyists is common sport among...
  • Is Another Government Shutdown On the Way?

    As the House's impeachment inquiry continues, lawmakers in Washington are staring down a government shutdown deadline, too.

  • Government shutdown clock is ticking in Washington

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — In less than three weeks, the government will run out of money, meaning we could be looking at another government shutdown. President Donald Trump isn’t saying it won’t happen. On Nov. 21, the government runs out of money, and Trump isn’t easing fears. “It depends on the negotiations, I wouldn’t commit to anything,” he said. Those negotiations are between the House and Senate over a spending deal that keeps the government funded. “I don’t think there is [

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