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  • Opinion: The Deep State conspiracy theory is making us all play defense

    Now even a White House senior policy advisor is going on TV making mention of the Deep State in reference to the Ukraine whistleblower, we have a problem

    The Independent
  • Bannon Says Concept Of "Deep" State Is 'Conspiracy Theory For Nutcases' Because "It's Right In Your Face"

    Bannon Says Concept Of "Deep" State Is 'Conspiracy Theory For Nutcases' Because "It's Right In Your Face" Former Trump 2016 campaign chair and White House strategist Steve Bannon says that the deep state is a 'conspiracy theory for nutcases,' explaining to author James B Stewart "America isn’t Turkey or Egypt."  Bannon says that while there is a formidable government bureaucracy in the United States - "there's nothing 'deep' about it," adding "It's right in your face."  Of...

    Zero Hedge
  • Trump supporters' deep state conspiracy theory about missing buses is really about missing money

    Trump supporters who didn’t manage to make it to Thursday’s anti-impeachment protest are raging against a bus company, the deep state, and liberals for leaving them stranded—but the real problem is their own failure to pay for the needed buses. According to US Coachways, it all boils down to this: “unfortunately, payment is required.” “The organizer only officially confirmed the buses at 3 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, just hours before the first bus had to leave at 11:30 p.m,” a US Coachways...
  • Steve Bannon declares 'deep state conspiracy theory is for nut cases' in new book: Report

    President Trump's former adviser Stephen K. Bannon reportedly pushes back in a new book against the "deep state" theory believed by some current members of the administration. The "deep state conspiracy theory is for nut cases," Mr. Bannon is quoted as saying in a new book released next week, "Deep

    The Washington Times