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  • Panasonic and Tesla are in talks to expand battery production at their Nevada factory after seeing a surge in demand (TSLA)

    REUTERS/Toru Hanai Panasonic is in talks with Tesla to expand battery production at its Nevada factory after seeing a surge in demand from the electric automaker and first-ever profitability at the plant. The two companies' partnership has been strained in recent years, with Panasonic losing its status as Tesla's exclusive battery supplier earlier this year. But the battery business is taking off as Tesla surprised investors last month with its third consecutive profitable quarter despite...

    Business Insider
  • Tesla's lockdown lawsuit is about much more than Tesla

    Tesla and CEO Elon Musk have turned from fiery rhetoric to even more aggressive action – and they could set the path for the rest of the country's reopening.

  • Tesla's latest car update adds 'Fallout Shelter' to the Tesla Arcade

    Now you can watch our pandemic-stricken society crumble from the comfort of your car while you struggle to survive in the midst of a fictional nuclear apocalypse. Tesla's new "2020.20" firmware update adds Fallout Shelter to the Tesla Arcade, and it comes after a long wait. The planned Tesla-friendly version of Bethesda Softworks' free-to-play mobile gaming hit was first revealed in June 2019. Tesla owners who have received the update can find Fallout Shelter in the "Arcade" section of their...