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  • Radio Free Europe returns to fight fake news

    The US-funded news outlet is active in Bulgaria and Romania and is expanding into Hungary.

  • IATSE Launches Drive To Unionize The Young Turks News Site

    EXCLUSIVE: IATSE has launched a campaign to unionize the production and post-production workers at The Young Turks, the left-leaning online news outlet that produces a variety of programs, including its flagship talk show, The Young Turks. The company was founded in 2002 by chief on-camera personality Cenk Uygur, who is running for the House seat [

  • If Democrats fight right-wing ‘fake news’ fire with fire, we all lose

    Democrats are increasingly worried about losing the 2020 presidential election to Donald Trump. The party is in seeming disarray from the botched Iowa caucuses and the failure of an “electable” frontrunner to emerge early in the primary season. Trump’s fundraising and digital operations are humming, buoyed in part by his acquittal at the Senate trial [
  • Journey back to a simpler time with this old news report on a kid fighting the city to save his snow fort

    Contemporary culture is determined to make all of us think the 1980s were a more innocent time. We know this isn’t true. Even if the adults making movies and TV shows, writing music and books, came of age during the decade and remember it mostly as an era defined by neon, synthesizers, and good movies, it was also a