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  • Try This on For Size: China Decides to Invade North Korea

    Kyle Mizokami Security, Asia Aren't they allies? It's not so simple. Key point: North Korea has created a lot of problems for China. Amid all of the talk of military action on the Korean Peninsula, one major power is often left out of the discussion: China. The People’s Republic of China shares an 880 mile long border with its notoriously unpredictable neighbor, has a large army and values stable borders at any cost. In the event it deems military action necessary, what are Beijing’s options...

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  • North Korea's Artillery Is Ready To Give America Hell

    Sebastien Roblin History, Asia America's military suffered a defeat at its hands before. Key point: North Korea is prepared for war. At noon sharp on October 12, 1950, the minesweeper USS Pirate had just completed a busy but productive morning off the North Korean port of Wonsan when everything went wrong at once.  Hours earlier, the small, 625-ton vessel had led the five ships of Mine Division 32 based in Sasebo, Japan through two belts of contact mines laid in a channel just one mile wide,...

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  • America's First Supersonic Fighter Was Born Thanks to North Korea

    Sebastien Roblin History, Americas Meet the F-100 Super Sabre. Key point: America’s first supersonic jet did not excel as a fighter and had beastly accident rate—but it still pioneered revolutionary new technologies and tactics On October 14, 1947, an orange-painted Bell X-1 piloted by Chuck Yeager became the first aircraft to break the sound barrier in level flight. Though the rocket-powered X-1 was an experimental design, it followed that improving jet engine technology would make a...

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