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  • Business Highlights

    Business Highlights

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  • "It's Called 'Show Business,' Not 'Show Show' or 'Business Business'"

    A nice line from legendary producer (Batman, Rain Man, Flashdance, and many more) Peter Guber, as reported by my colleague David Ginsburg. (For a published briefer version of the line, see here.)
  • Why small business needs big business

    Up to half of small businesses’ revenues come from big firms and those companies’ employees are also their customers Bernie Sanders is right when he says that too many CEOs make too much money. Elizabeth Warren has a point when she says that the wealthiest need to pay more taxes. Many big corporations have a sad record of neglecting their employees, selling harmful products and – as the Guardian recently reported – really hurting the environment. But small businesses, including mine, need big...

    the Guardian
  • Become an innovative business leader through Wits Business School

    Why the country needs a new generation of innovative managers, scholars, and business leaders.