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  • Coronavirus news – live: England expands rail services amid falling death toll, as European countries continue to ease lockdown

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  • days after the Bank of England dismisses below-zero rates

    Toby Melville/Reuters The UK offered negative-yield bonds for the first time ever on Wednesday, ushering in a new market precedent as the debate around below-zero UK interest rates intensifies. Negatively yielding bonds essentially leave investors paying to lend to the government. Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey has ruled out negative rates, but other policymakers have suggested an openness to the policy. The dueling remarks create tension around a key bond-market driver. Any change in...
  • Bank Of Mexico Cuts Rates By 50bps To 5.50% As Expected

    Bank Of Mexico Cuts Rates By 50bps To 5.50% As Expected Tyler Durden Thu, 05/14/2020 - 14:15 Heading into today's rate cut decision by the Mexican Central Bank, analysts were nearly unanimous, with 20 out of the 22 analysts expecting a 50bpcut, 1 a 75bp cut, and the remaining one 100bp. The majority was right, with the Bank of Mexico - seeking to stimulate the Mexican economy from its worst recession in recent history - cutting rates  again to 5.50% from 6.0% in a...

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