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  • College men more likely to seek grade changes than college women

    "Professor, my final grade in your class is a C. Is there anything I can do to get a B-minus?"
  • Dan Lipinski doesn't just vote like a Republican—he also campaigns against a Democrat like one

    Rep. Dan Lipinski, the Illinois Democrat who voted against the Affordable Care Act in 2010 because it "would not provide the help needed by many middle-class Americans who were struggling to afford good healthcare and it would drive our nation further into debt," is now attacking his House primary opponent, Marie Newman, on health care. An ad released by his campaign doesn't spare any Republican talking points in doing it, either. Please donate $5 today to elect the better Democrat, Marie...
  • Like father, like son? It’s crunch time on one of my less savoury habits

    Auntie Carmel tells me I eat fast. It’s a hard-to-swallow truth, so from now on, the boy can eat as slowly as he pleases When I was worried my son was coming down with a little something, I remarked that his eating was slowing down a bit. ‘I’ve noticed how fast you eat,’ my wife’s Auntie Carmel said. She said it with the sympathetic air of a librarian who’s noticed a particularly dull child reading a book upside down. I looked down at my plate – the empty plate from which my helpless food had...

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