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  • Joe Biden Needs A Class On Political Correctness

    Joe Biden still lives in a 20th Century world of rules regarding race, he better change that soon if he wants progressive votes.

    The Federalist
  • Will the Political Class Be Held Liable For What They’ve Done?

    This COVID shutdown should be a permanent black mark against the elite
  • Will The Political Class Ever Be Held Liable For What They've Done?

    Will The Political Class Ever Be Held Liable For What They've Done? Tyler Durden Fri, 05/22/2020 - 16:25 Authored by James Bovard via The American Institute for Economic Research, Politically-dictated lockdowns and prohibitions have recently destroyed tens of millions of American jobs. Politicians have effectively claimed a right to inflict unlimited economic damage in pursuit of zero COVID-19 contagion. The perverse incentives driving the policy have multiplied the harm...

    Zero Hedge
  • The Morning Briefing: Nation's Political Class Perfectly OK With Your Financial Death

    On Friday, Oregon Governor Kate Brown held a press conference to discuss the latest developments in the containment efforts of the Wuhan coronavirus, and how to implement safe reopening procedures for different parts of Oregon. She failed, however, to announce the specific framework of the reopening, and said she would extend the emergency declaration until July 6 — two days after Independence Day.