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  • Bill Clinton to Co-Author a Crime Novel Based on Chelsea's Time in the White House

    Now that Curtis Sittenfeld’s novel Rodham is set to bring mainstream popularity the previously (and rightly) obscure subgenre of literary Clinton-centric erotica, Bill Clinton has announced plans to partner with writer James Patterson in order to write a crime thriller starring a character inspired by his daughter Chelsea. I predict the birth of a trend in American letters. In the very near future, the mass market production of Clinton capers could mean that bookstores will devote entire...

  • Is This a Real TIME Magazine Cover: 'Time to Go'?

    Donald Trump has appeared on the cover of TIME magazine dozens of times.
  • How to change your time zone in Outlook to correspond to local time

    Jacob Lund/Shutterstock You can easily change your time zone in Outlook when you've traveled to a new location either temporarily or permanently.  You'll also likely want to update your meeting hours when you do so, and that requires a second action. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. If you've just moved or you travel a lot for work, the issue of time zones is probably throwing you off. For those who use Outlook, the process of updating your time zone is relatively...

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  • Unmasking Mask Hypocrisy at the New York Times and Time Magazine

    New York Times reporter Annie Karni followed President Trump on a tour of a Ford plant in Michigan and adopted a judgmental tone in her Friday story when Trump refused to wear a protective face mask in front of reporters. The paper also went after Mike Pence for his mask faux pas at the Mayo Clinic. But just how consistent has the New York Times and other print outlets been in moralizing over the social responsibility of wearing masks in public? A March 17 headline: “Here to Help; Cope With the...