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  • Tuesday morning news briefing: The unanswered questions

    Coronavirus latest: High Street to reopen from June 15 & how to keep children entertained at half-term

    The Telegraph
  • Breaking news: Animal Crossing has made all the money

    Video games have triumphed, yet again, over their old archnemesis, “going outside and doing things,” with THR reporting that the gaming industry has, not surprisingly, boomed mightily during the COVID-19 quarantine. Specifically, people are buying games online—where else, right?—in droves, and, even more specifically, they’re buying the hell out of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizon.

  • Note to readers on breaking news email issue

    A technical glitch prompted a breaking news e-mail alert to be sent out multiple times Saturday evening. The issue has been corrected and we apologize for the inconvenience.