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  • Watch Trump rant about the crimes he alleges Rosie O’Donnell has committed

    During a wide ranging tirade at a rally in Las Vegas this Friday, President Trump ripped into what he sees in the unfair application of the law against people who support him and those who are against him. At one point, Trump turned his focus to comedian Rosie O’Donnell, referencing the alleged illegally over-sized campaign [
  • OMB letters show that staffers knew they were committing a crime, and they're still covering it up

    When Donald Trump handed down the demand that military assistance to Ukraine go into the freezer until he got the Biden-dirt he was demanding from the U.S. ally, someone had to carry out that order. That person was Mick Mulvaney. In his double role as acting chief of staff and director of the Office of Management and Budget, Mulvaney both is right there to catch whatever Trump is pitching and has the government’s checkbook in hand. So Trump told Mulvaney, who told the OMB staff, who told the...
  • How the son of a company director grew up to commit horrific crime at Tate gallery

    Family photos reflect a happy upbringing, with primary school-aged Jonty Bravery smiling happily in costume with a cardboard axe in a school play. Another shows him being hugged by his father.

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