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  • The United States of Voronoi

    From Jason Davies, this is a US map where the state borders have been redrawn so that all points closest to a state capital than to any other form a state a la Voronoi diagrams. See also Voronoi maps of world airports and world capitals. It’s interesting that many of the states’ new shapes are similar to their current ones, suggesting that the placement of the capitals relative to borders was somewhat naturally Voronoi-esque, like how people naturally space themselves in elevators or parks. ...
  • The United States is a country to be pitied

    Thanks to Trump, we have no coherent national plan to survive the pandemic.

    Washington Post
  • The United States and the World Trade Organization

    The most urgent problem today is the international fight against the pandemic, Covid-19 and the search for a vaccine to overcome the deadly virus, and for funds to develop its manufacture. �The issue has become controversial because of the delay