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  • Is now a good a good time for first-time buyers to get on the property ladder?

    As the housing market reopens, here's what you need to know

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  • Times of Crisis Then & Now

    The Coronavirus pandemic may feel like an epic battle, but the U.S. has won epic battles before. MSNBC anchor Joshua Johnson shares how we create a better post-pandemic U.S.

  • The Time To Stand Is Now!

    Will you defend America?
  • Now Is the Time for Some Petty Drama

    Memorial Day is a little over a week away, which means everyone who has yet to feel the suffocating hands of Meltdown May is due for a thrashing, screaming nervous breakdown. It’s technically spring, but the weather in various parts of the country is either too hot or too cold and furthermore, there is a global pandemic that is causing celebrities and regular people alike to act as if they lack home training. Perhaps you’ve found yourself starting fights with the person you live with, or the...

  • Is now the perfect time to get a dog?

    Shelters have seen a huge rise in adoptions lately.

  • Is now the perfect time to get a dog?

    Shelters have seen a huge rise in adoptions lately.

  • Now Is the Time for a Crackdown on Narco-Trafficking

    Ramon Collado Security, Americas The White House must treat narco-states like Venezuela and the Dominican Republic equally, irrespective of their geopolitical alignment. Despite the Coronavirus outbreak, South American and Dominican drug traffickers continue to flood the United States with illicit drugs.  In late April, law enforcement agents intercepted five cocaine-laden bags at the Dominican Republic’s Las Americas International Airport. The shipment, which had arrived from Venezuela, was...

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