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  • Robert Trump, Donald Trump's brother, asks judge to block Mary Trump book

    WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump's brother is asking a New York City judge to prevent the president's niece from publishing a tell-all book, which is expected to be released later this month. In court papers, Robert Trump's lawyers argue that Mary Trump and others had signed a settlement agreement in

    The Washington Times
  • Why Donald Trump Should Think Twice About Moving U.S. Troops from Germany to Poland

    Michael Rubin Security, Europe Poland is in the midst of a democratic backslide. Washington should do nothing that disincentivizes Poland’s increasingly dictatorial regime to return to democracy, even if it means forfeiting a base. As President Donald Trump plans to remove many U.S. forces from Germany, Poland is scrambling to welcome them. Poland has reason to fear Russia rising on its eastern flank but before committing further to Poland, U.S. policymakers should first consider whether...

    The National Interest
  • Donald Trump Jr.: ‘I don’t think it’s too complicated to wear a mask’

    Donald Trump Jr. on Tuesday suggested that attendees of the Republican National Convention will be encouraged to wear masks even though President Donald Trump has refused to do so. During an interview on Fox Business, host Maria Bartiromo noted that the party’s convention will be held in Jacksonville, Florida — where coronavirus cases are surging. [