Can the United States avoid a global recession?

The Washington Times -

The Washington Times—Is the world going into a recession? And if so, can the United States avoid being dragged in? Even though there are many who speak with great certainty as if they did know, the short and correct answer to both questions is no one knows.  The United States is still

The world's most accurate economic forecaster sees a 'prolonged global slowdown' on the horizon — and warns it can only be narrowly avoided. As investors await the outcome of trade negotiations this month, the world's most accurate economic forecaster says the risks are tilted towards "a prolonged global slowdown."  Christophe Barraud, a strategist and chief economist at Market Securities, compiled the evidence that global trade is already in its own recession, explained why a swift recovery is unlikely.  Click here for more BI Prime stories.  The US-China trade war that has raged for nearly two years has impacted the set of...