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  • Democrats move to crush small business

    Democrats may be obsessed with impeachment, but they’re still finding time to advance a left-wing agenda. And that should terrify all Americans. At its core, the Democratic Party remains the party of high taxes and burdensome regulations, an

  • There’s a brawl coming over government regulation

    Trump hasn’t whittled away all the rules, but discerning between necessary and unnecessary regulations is a debate worth having.

    Washington Post
  • Best small business web hosting for 2020

    Searching for the ideal hosting for your SMB website? Then look no further

  • Small plane crashes in Louisiana, killing 5

    LAFAYETTE, La. (AP) — A small plane crashed into the parking lot of a post office in Louisiana shortly after takeoff on Saturday, killing five people and fully engulfing a car on the ground in flames, authorities said. The two-engine Piper Cheyenne crashed about 1 mile from the Lafayette Regional Airport, Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Tony Molinaro said. The plane was en route to a college football playoff game in Atlanta between Louisiana State University and Oklahoma, said Steven...
  • Tesla's success proves that what America needs is business, business, and more business (TSLA)

    Tesla has endured many ups and downs in the past decade, but with the stock price hitting all-time highs and the company setting sales records, the carmaker is on a serious tear. Tesla and CEO Elon Musk a living proof that great businesses arise from an appetite for risk. America is supposed to be a business-mad national, but for 10 years the country has discouraged more than encouraged new businesses to get started. Tesla shows that business, business, and more business is the way forward for a...

    Business Insider
  • Small plane crashes in Utah neighborhood, killing pilot

    Authorities say a small plane crashed in a Utah neighborhood, killing the pilot as the aircraft narrowly avoided hitting any townhomes

    ABC News
  • Surprise: Your Small Business Probably Needs Auto Insurance

    Have you ever sent a worker on a quick trip in his own car to the post office or the bakery to pick up an employee birthday cake? You may have just opened your business up to some serious liability.