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  • A Freak Radioactive Refueling Accident Killed This Russian Submarine

    Kyle Mizokami Security, The radiation still lingers to this day. Key point: Nuclear accidents have far-reaching consequences. In 1985, a Soviet submarine undergoing a delicate refueling procedure experienced a freak accident that killed ten naval personnel. The fuel involved was not diesel, but nuclear, and the resulting environmental disaster contaminated the area with dangerous, lasting radiation. The incident, which remained secret until after the demise of the USSR itself, was one of many...

    The National Interest
  • NATO War Planners Tried Everything To Stop Russia's Deadly Submarines (Even Magnets)

    Steve Weintz Security, Anti-submarine warfare at its strangest. Key point: The magnets worked as intended, but were to impractical for training purposes. At the height of the Cold War, the Soviet Union had so many hundreds of deadly submarines at sea that Western war planners willing to try almost any possible countermeasure, however goofy sounding. Some seemingly crazy ideas proved actually worthwhile, such as the underwater Sound Surveillance System—a vast chain of seafloor microphones that...

    The National Interest
  • Student kills one, wounds three before killing himself at Russian college

    A 19-year-old male student shot and killed a fellow student and wounded three others at a vocational college in Russia's Far East on Thursday before committing suicide, Russian investigators said in a statement.

  • Germany Has A New Submarine, But It Won't Be Patrolling Russian Waters

    Sebastien Roblin Security, Where is it going? Key point: Germany is joining multilateral efforts to patrol the South China Sea. On February 18, 2018, officials gathered to celebrate the launch of a new state-of-the-art submarine at a shipyard in Kiel, Germany. But unlike similar Type 212 submarines previously built there, the seventy-meter long diesel-submarine isn’t destined to shadow Russian submarines in the cold waters of the Baltic Sea. Instead, the Invincible will lurk in the warmer...

    The National Interest
  • Why Russian Fighter Jets Are Threatening NATO In The Baltics

    Mark Episkopos Security, Europe A Russian Su-27 recent intercepted an American F-15C. Key point: Russia and NATO's military buildup in the Baltics is creating a tense situation.  In the most recent illustration of ongoing Russia-NATO military tensions over Baltic airspace, recently released footage shows a Russian Su-27 fighter making a sharp turn into an American F-15C. It is unclear when the video was filmed, with some speculating that it occured during a prior NATO BAP (Baltic Air Policing)...

    The National Interest
  • Russian nuclear submarines stage 'underwater duels'

    Russian nuclear fast attack submarines have twice staged underwater 'duels' in Russian waters. Last week, two Northern Fleet submarines played cat and mouse war games in the Norwegian Sea.

    Mail Online
  • Russian submarine spotted in Israeli territorial waters

    Ynet learns the submarine breached Israel's maritime border three months ago; Israeli military didn't elaborate on whether the country's security has been harmed in the incident