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  • Bernie Sanders ramps up criticism of Elizabeth Warren's Medicare for All plan, calling it 'quite a hit' for average workers

    Matthew Putney/AP Sen. Bernie Sanders ramped up his criticism of his progressive rival Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Thursday, saying her Medicare for All plan would be "quite a hit" for average workers and employers. During an interview for the "Deconstructed" podcast hosted by journalist Mehdi Hasan released Thursday, Sanders supported the main thrust of Warren's plan, which aims to provide comprehensive health benefits to every American with virtually no deductibles, co-payments, or premiums. But...

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  • Juul is laying off 650 workers and plans to cut spending by $1 billion as it braces for a hit to sales after pulling popular flavors

    Juul is laying off around 650 workers and plans to cut costs by $1 billion in 2020, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal. A spokesperson for the company told Business Insider that these cuts will begin on Tuesday; all employees impacted will receive severance packages. These cuts come as the e-cigarette company prepares for a hit to sales after it halted sales of some of its most popular flavored pods. Non-tobacco flavors account for 80% of Juul's US sales, according to...

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  • When Government Lobbies Government for More Government

    Liberal politicians are shocked—shocked, I tell you—to find gambling going on in a gambling house, or to find that lobbying is going on in the U.S. Capitol. "The rich and the powerful have been calling the shots in Washington forever and ever," said presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren. She's proposed an "anti-corruption" package that would impose as much as a 75-percent tax rate on corporations that spend millions on lobbying. Railing against corporate lobbyists is common sport among...
  • Mergence Group plans global expansion

    South Africa’s Mergence Group bought a 26% stake in local customer reward start-up 2Engage as part of global expansion plans targeting retail consumers.