Why didn't bidets catch on in the United States?

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Boing Boing—Many people around the world use bidets so they can clean themselves properly after using the toilet. I discovered them in the 1980s in Japan and I installed them in the toilets in my house. (I have the cold-water version, which doesn't require electricity. They cost just and are truly life-changing.) In this video we learn why most Americans don't have bidets. It started because US servicemen first saw them in French brothels in WWII and associated them with prostitution. And when bidet...

Internet rips Trump for saying Kurds didn’t help at Normandy: ‘So? You didn’t help during Vietnam’. President Donald Trump gave a bizarre Q&A session at the White House Wednesday, in which he attacked the Kurdish people in northern Syria for not doing enough to help anyone else. Trump justified allowing Turkey to kill the Kurds by saying that they’ve been at war for a long time anyway. He claimed that he [