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  • Luminaries Lost: A look at some of the artists lost to virus

    A trumpeter who came up in the shadow of Miles Davis then stepped out of it. An architect whose soaring stadiums and concert halls are sitting silent in his native Italy. A rocker whose song gave flight to Joan Jett. In the fourth installment in a series, The Associated Press takes a look at prominent figures in arts, entertainment and culture who have died after contracting the coronavirus in a global pandemic.

    The Washington Times
  • Darren Walker: Corporate America has failed Black America

    The President of the Ford Foundation, Darren Walker, joins to discuss the work corporate America needs to do in the wake of the reckoning happening in American on racial inequality.
  • 'America is made on the bricks of diversity': A poem for America's Independence Day

    As a first-generation American and child of immigrants, my upbringing was infused with a mix of South Asian and (what my family could make of) American culture. I began my school career in an Islamic school, my parents believing by enrolling me I would have a good understanding of religion. There most of my classmates looked like me, I never felt like an outsider. Following Sept. 11, out of fear of the threats the school kept receiving, my parents removed me from a full-time Islamic school. When...