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  • Two-thirds of Americans think government should do more on climate

    A majority of Americans (63%) continue to say they see the effects of climate change in their own communities, and 65% believe that the federal government is doing too little to reduce the impacts of climate change, according to a new Pew Research Center survey.
  • I’m Reporting From Seattle’s CHOP. Here’s What It’s Really Been Like.

    Seattle’s experiment with a police-free zone is an abject failure after rampant gun violence, two homicides, an attempted rape, and frequent skirmishes.

    The Daily Signal
  • WashPost Reporter Says ‘Climate Change’ Is a ‘Racial Justice Problem’

    The leftist lunacy of The Washington Post knows no bounds. Washington Post Climate and Science reporter Sarah Kaplan wrote a climate propaganda article masquerading as news. The story was headlined: “Climate change is also a racial justice problem.” In the piece, Kaplan led readers off with the question: “What does racism mean for climate change — and vice versa?” In the piece, she admitted that “Normally, I use this column to respond to questions from readers about climate change.” She...