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  • Facial recognition technology code of conduct call

    The technology has the potential for "widespread invasiveness", the information commissioner said.

    BBC News
  • IBM calls for regulation to avoid facial recognition bans

    Tech companies are threatened by limits being passed in cities and states.

  • ACLU sues feds over surveillance from facial recognition technology

    The America Civil Liberties Union is suing multiple government agencies to release records on how facial recognition technology is being used, according to a lawsuit filed this week. The suit was filed in US District Court in Massachusetts against the US Department of Justice, the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Administration. The complaint says the suit was filed because of growing concern about the government's use of biometric identification and tracking technologies -- tools that enable...

  • ACLU sues federal government over facial recognition technology

    American privacy and the civil rights of its citizens are being threatened by facial-recognition software, and the government won’t even share information on how it’s being used, according to a new lawsuit filed Thursday. “These technologies have the potential to enable undetectable, persistent,