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  • Why new ‘bail reform’ law has New York law enforcement worried

    As dumb as the moves sound, the state’s drive to spring some 900 city jailbirds early and the city’s plans to bribe them to show up for court are fully in the spirit of the “reform” law that kicks in Jan. 1. That’s the real problem. Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he was unaware of state

    New York Post
  • New York Times Attacks Conservative ‘Fake Local News...Impostors’ Like Sinclair

    The New York Times, which dispenses unlabeled liberal reporting as slant every day, is keeping a wary eye on any conservative competition in the news business, eager to drop the “fake” label on their heads. Friday’s Business pages included the warning, “Americans Trust Local News. That Belief Is Being Exploited,” by Dartmouth College professor of government Brendan Nyhan. The URL includes the words “fake local news,” perhaps an artifact of a harsher previous headline. After noting misinformation...

  • Adoptees in New York will have access to birth certificates on 18th birthday under new law

    ALBANY — Accessing birth records is no longer an issue for adopted New Yorkers. Adoptees can receive a certified birth certificate with information about their biological parents when they turn 18 thanks to a measure signed into law Thursday by Gov. Cuomo. The law removes the right of government
  • 'Good riddance': New York's governor responded to news that Trump, a lifelong New Yorker, declared himself a resident of Florida

    Patrick Semansky/AP President Donald Trump, a lifelong New Yorker, has declared himself a resident of Palm Beach County, Florida.  According to documents obtained by The New York Times, Trump and wife Melania filled out a "declaration of domicile" in recent weeks, declaring the president's Mar-a-Lago golf club their permanent home.  A person close to the president told The Times that the reason the president changed his address was "primarily for tax purposes."  Trump confirmed the news on...

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