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  • America's Air Force Would Have No Problem Destroying North Korea

    Kyle Mizokami Security, Asia But at what cost? Key point: The main risk isn't to America's military, but to U.S. allies and the homeland. In any conflict in the skies over North Korea, the U.S. Air Force will likely follow a familiar pattern. First, it will need to sweep the skies of enemy fighters—not a difficult prospect considering the decrepit state of the North Korean air force. Concurrent with that will be a campaign to shut down the country’s command and control and air defense systems,...

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  • Yes, America Did Use Battleships to Fight North Korea.

    Robert Farley History, Asia dead link], Public Domain," title="By US Navy - [dead link], Public Domain," /> And they served as flagships too. Key point: Fresh from action in World War II, America's battleships were used to fight against North Korea. In the final months of the Second World War, the battleships of the U.S. Navy (USN) ranged across the archipelago of Japan, bombarding...

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  • Why North Korea Has Nuclear Weapons (Is America Partially to Blame?)

    Sebastien Roblin Security, Asia The past has lessons for us. Key point: North Korea's bad faith and Washington's inconsistencies combined for a disaster. The North Korean state had two stepparents: the Soviet Union, which brought Kim Il-sung to power in 1945, and China, which prevented his overthrow by UN forces in 1950. While China refused to help North Korea acquire nukes, the Soviets were willing to help Pyongyang build a civilian nuclear reactor at Yongbyon, which was completed in...

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