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  • Retired General: Trump's Syria Oil Plan Turns US Troops Into "Pirates"

    Retired General: Trump's Syria Oil Plan Turns US Troops Into "Pirates" After President Trump suggested on Sunday that he would like to make a deal with Exxon Mobil or “one of our great companies” to go into occupied Syria and take the oil, one of the few former top defense officials to explicitly condemn the plan which clearly smacks of naked US imperialism was retired General Barry McCaffrey. Referencing Trump's comments, an outraged McCaffrey posed the question on Twitter, "WHAT...

    Zero Hedge
  • Hundreds of U.S. troops leaving Syria, hundreds arriving. Protecting the oil Trump wants to seize?

    Eric Schmitt and Helene Cooper at The New York Times reported Thursday that while hundreds of U.S. troops are departing Syria, hundreds more are being inserted there. When this exchange is done, there will be about 900 U.S. troops there, compared with the 1,000 that were there when Donald Trump ordered a complete withdrawal as a favor to the Turks prior to their invasion of the Kurdish part of Syria. Since this betrayal of the key fighters against the ultra-extremists of ISIS, hundreds of Kurds...
  • Donald Trump approves mission to return US troops to Syria to 'secure oil'

    President Donald Trump has approved a mission for US troops to return to Syria to "secure" its oil fields, despite promises to withdraw all forces from the war-torn country.

    The Telegraph
  • ‘I Like Oil, We’re Keeping the Oil’: Trump Confirms US Wants Syria’s Oil, Not to Patrol Its Borders

    Last week, after the US president made repeated statements about the importance of “securing” Syria’s oil, the Russian military released satellite intelligence on an illegal Pentagon and CIA-sponsored oil smuggling scheme which the defence ministry described as nothing short of “international state banditry” on Washington’s part.