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  • Joe Pesci announces first album in 21 years

    It’s been 21 years since Joe Pesci released Vincent LaGuardia Gambini Sings Just For You, the album that demanded to know whether a) listeners would flock to a compilation based and named around a character from a six-year-old lawyer comedy, b) whether Pesci could capture the same lightning in a bottle that arrived with his first album, 1968's Little Joe Sure Can Sing!, and c), whether society could ever forgive a man who mashed together a Blondie beat, gangsta rap, and Joe Pesci rapping. (As to...

  • Rep. Katie Hill's Constituents React To Her Resignation Announcement

    Constituents in Democratic Rep. Katie Hill's California district react after her announcement that she would resign because of an affair she had with a campaign staffer.
  • Soccer: Qatar's Afif named in AFC player of the year shortlist

    Qatar forward Akram Afif has been named in a three-man shortlist for the Asian Football Confederation's men's player of the year after helping the side win their maiden Asian Cup title this year, the continental governing body said on Friday.