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  • Whaa? Responses To New Technology

    By Ryan Menezes  Published: June 03rd, 2020  When a new technology appears, we all immediately act like idiots. Or, we act perfectly reasonably, but our grandchildren will be convinced we were total idiots. Even if they understand the strange primitive tech we use today, they'll be baffled by
  • Brickbat: Learning to Use New Technology

    Cartersville, Georgia, Police Department Lt. Ryan Prescott has resigned after the department launched an investigation into "unprofessional and inappropriate" messages he sent to three female students at Cartersville Middle School, where he worked as a school resource officer. Prescott taught a "Sexting and Social Media" class at the school. He reportedly told investigators he was not familiar with some social media platforms, including Snapchat. One student showed him how to use Snapchat, and...
  • A passenger drone hotel and other technology news

    BBC Click's Jen Copestake looks at some of the best technology news stories.
  • BlackBerry partners with Dedrone on counter-drone technology

    Dedrone will be integrating BlackBerry's AtHoc crisis communications software into its products to enable real-time alerts when a malicious or unauthorized drone is detected in a customer's airspace.

  • New technology enables fast protein synthesis

    Many proteins are useful as drugs for disorders such as diabetes, cancer, and arthritis. Synthesizing artificial versions of these proteins is a time-consuming process that requires genetically engineering microbes or other cells to produce the desired protein.
  • Upgrade your old car with new-car technology

    R_Yosha - Aftermarket vendors offer a wide range of gadgets to make driving easier, safer and more fun. You may love the reliable, low-mileage car parked in the garage but still long to make a hands-free phone call or summon up a song off Pandora. But you don’t need to spend $35,000 on a new car just to get a rear backup camera or any of the other high-tech features you’re lusting after. For the price of a typical new-car payment, $550, you can add any of the seven upgrades...

    Chicago Sun-Times
  • Australia backs technology in new carbon emissions plan

    Australia's conservative government on Thursday released a fresh plan to tackle climate change, targetting the use of gas, hydrogen, batteries and carbon capture, while avoiding the contentious issue of setting a carbon price.