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  • Photos show how Wuhan tested 6.5 million people for the coronavirus in 9 days, while the US has only tested 14 million people in 4 months

    Costfoto/Barcroft Media via Getty Images On May 11, the Chinese city of Wuhan ordered all 11 million of its residents to be tested for the novel coronavirus. The citywide testing campaign began after six new cases emerged in the city, ending Wuhan's 35-day streak of no new reported infections. Two weeks in, they've reported that 6.5 million people have been tested. By comparison, the US has only tested a total of 14 million people in 4 months. Thousands of medical doctors have been mobilized...

    Business Insider
  • Is Facebook Charging a User Fee?

    Some rumors never die — they just grow new heads.
  • Facebook Brings Avatars to the US

    Avatars, Facebook's Bitmoji clone feature, debuted in the U.S. Wednesday. The social network began testing Avatars in Australia last June, for use in comments on Messenger From Facebook and in News Feed, and it had been extended to New Zealand, as well, before being rolled out in Europe last month. Facebook described Avatars as digital