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  • What's Left Behind Of The Berlin Wall

    As Germany celebrates the 30th anniversary of the end of the Berlin Wall, the city has incorporated a piece of the historic relic into the landscape of the united German capital.
  • Facebook rebrands as FACEBOOK

    Facebook would like to be addressed henceforth as FACEBOOK. NBC News: Facebook introduced a new brand Monday: FACEBOOK. The company announced in a blog post that the new brand, which retains the name of the social network, would have a new logo to better indicate all the various products and services it now offers, including Instagram and WhatsApp. If you'll recall, this is what Milo Yiannopoulos did as an immediate prelude to everything going horribly wrong for him. Read the rest

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  • Facebook's rebrand and the chilling calculation behind it

    Mark Zuckerberg's company suddenly announces a new logo for the overall concern. Many are laughing, but the true purpose of the move could be typically cynical. Here's a number to think about.