Why North Korea Has Nuclear Weapons (Is America Partially to Blame?)

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The National Interest—Sebastien Roblin Security, Asia The past has lessons for us. Key point: North Korea's bad faith and Washington's inconsistencies combined for a disaster. The North Korean state had two stepparents: the Soviet Union, which brought Kim Il-sung to power in 1945, and China, which prevented his overthrow by UN forces in 1950. While China refused to help North Korea acquire nukes, the Soviets were willing to help Pyongyang build a civilian nuclear reactor at Yongbyon, which was completed in...

This General Wants to Launch Nuclear Weapons at North Korea and China. Warfare History Network History, Asia If President Truman had let him. Key point: Although nukes would have likely worked, it would have heated up the Cold War and caused an uproar. In his 1964 book Gen. Douglas MacArthur (Gold Medal Books, Greenwich, Conn.), Bob Considine writes, “MacArthur’s final plan for winning the Korean War was outlined to this reporter in the course of an interview in 1954 on his 74th birthday.