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  • Ukraine floods: Why climate change and logging are blamed

    Three hundred towns and villages were hit by flooding, and climate change and logging are blamed.

    BBC News
  • Democrats unveil sweeping plan to tackle climate change

    The new document offers policy recommendations in nearly every sector of the economy.

  • Who Is Responsible For Climate Change?

    In their newest video, Kurzgesagt explores the question of responsibility around climate change: which countries are most responsible for carbon emissions and for fixing the damage they’ve caused. As always, their source material is worth a look. Tags: global warming   Kurzgesagt   politics   science   video
  • The Democrats’ New Climate Plan Is Weirdly Isolationist

    There’s a lot to like in the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis’s 538-page climate plan. Put together by nine Democratic majority members of the committee through hearings and consultations, the document released Tuesday is more ambitious than anything that could have come out of Capitol Hill even a few years ago—thanks largely to pressure coming from inside and outside the halls of power.  The plan, though, also imagines the United States fighting climate change alone, an isolated...

    The New Republic