This Is Us Recap: The Golf Between Us

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TVLine—Randall Pearson, you little golf hustler, you. The Philadelphia city councilman finally gives us a glimpse that he’s truly a shrewd politician at heart during this week’s This Is Us, which unfolds on three different golf greens in three different time periods. And yes, in one of those periods, Randall acts like he knows nothing [

'This Is Us' recap: Breaking down three golf games and two dates in 'The Club'. In tonight’s This Is Us episode, “The Club,” Randall and Jack take the spotlight via golf games in three different eras. Adult Randall must play with fellow councilmen, whom he’s still trying to win over. A young Jack is forced into being a fish-out-of-water at a country club with Rebecca’s disapproving father Dave. Jack and young Randall play a round and they, too, have some tension. In each era, it seems neither Pearson is good at golf, and the stakes are high. Before we unpack the games,...