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  • CBS News releases statement on Catherine Herridge's reporting after Dems, media attack her

    CBS News defended star reporter Catherine Herridge after her fierce reported triggered outrage from Democrats and the media this week. "Catherine is a deeply sourced reporter who has worked the national security beat for two decades and just last week secured one of the biggest newsmaker interviews with Attorney General William Barr, which was cited by national and international outlets," a CBS News spokesperson said. "This is the kind of aggressive reporting we applaud at CBS News," the...

  • Some People Are Furious with Reporter Catherine Herridge for Reporting News

    Catherine Herridge's offenses amount to reporting facts, reporting news, and keeping political agendas out when she reports news and facts.
  • Chris Livesay Joins CBS News As Correspondent Based In Rome

    Chris Livesay has joined the staff of CBS News as a foreign correspondent based in Rome, where he already has been reporting on the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy. Livesay has previously reported around the world for outlets including NBC News, PBS NewsHour, PBS Frontline and NPR News. He began reporting for CBS News at the [

  • FreeWheel Joins Fox News In Canceling Upfront Due To Coronavirus Concerns

    Updated with FreeWheel cancelation: Comcast’s FreeWheel said its management team has decided to postpone its NowFront presentation “as the coronavirus situation is still evolving and the health and safety of our employees, clients, partners – and press attending! – are of utmost importance. We are hoping to reschedule for a later date.” The event had [