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  • LIVE: Will Twitter BAN Trump?!

    Today, Steven and the Louder with Crowder crew talk about Jimmy Fallon getting canceled over blackface, people are triggered because Twitter won't ban Trump, and Twitter is now fact-checking Trump's tweets about voter fraud. Then, Steven explains how COVID is worse in the Blue States by every metric after media predicted it'd be worse in the Red States. That and so much more on Wednesday's episode of "Good Morning Mug Club."Want more from Steven Crowder?To enjoy more of Steven's uncensored...

  • Banning Trump from Twitter would be a disservice to the public

    White House Trump's tweets promoting a fake conspiracy theory have disgusted even conservatives and led to increased calls to ban him from the platform. That would be a mistake. Courts have held that public officials can't block social media users because their accounts are public forums while they're in office. Twitter can do what it wants as a private company, but banning elected officials' accounts — such as Trump's — would be a public disservice. The president shares misinformation,...

    Business Insider
  • George Floyd protests: Twitter bans over #DCBlackout hoax

    A "blackout" that never happened and a fake "left-wing" account are among those banned.

    BBC News