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  • Imaging magnetic instabilities using laser accelerated protons

    The magnetic structures resulting from a plasma instability predicted by the physicist Erich Weibel about 50 years ago have been evidenced at surprisingly large scales in a laser-driven plasma in the prestigious journal Nature Physics. This instability is also expected to operate in astrophysical settings where it is held responsible for the acceleration of cosmic rays and the emission of gamma photons in the famous "gamma-ray bursts."
  • How to Create a Modern Business Card Using Adobe Photoshop

    What You'll Be Creating Do you want to learn how to create a business card using Photoshop? As you know, a business card is arguably the most powerful networking tool you can have in your pocket. It's the very first impression of you and the business you're representing. Although we're in this digital age where social media dominates, a physical business card is still highly relevant as it forms a real human connection between you and your peers, where social media is unfortunately lacking. In...

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  • It's not ok to use the term "slave," and the "B" in Black should be capitalized

    On this Juneteenth, I thought I'd share two things I've just learned: 1. It's not ok to use the word "slave." It's dehumanizing. We should use "enslaved" instead. Watch the video with Ta-Nehisi Coates and Oprah to understand why better. 2. It's time we start using a capital B for Black:

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