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  • Why are politicians comfortable pardoning turkeys – but not people?

    Experts say the penchant for a Thanksgiving photo op means a critical part of addressing mass incarceration gets ignored On Tuesday morning morning, North Dakota’s Republican governor Doug Burgum used the authority invested in him to ensure that Lilly, “a North Dakota turkey of fine specimen,” has a free and relaxing Thanksgiving. He wished Lilly a long and healthy life, full of “gobbling without being gobbled”.Pleased today to pardon Lilly, a top-notch turkey from Tolna who will be back on the...

    the Guardian
  • Hundreds protest over Kyrgyz corruption report

    Hundreds of people protested in front of the Kyrgyz government headquarters on Monday demanding that the authorities follow up on a media investigation of alleged money laundering to the tune of $700 million involving former senior officials.

  • 19 people report illness on cruise ship in California

    The Los Angeles Fire Department says authorities were called early Sunday to evaluate patients after they fell ill on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship.

    NBC News
  • 19 people report illness on cruise ship in California

    Authorities say 19 people aboard a cruise ship reported flu-like illnesses as they reached a Southern California port

    ABC News