New York Times Attacks Conservative ‘Fake Local News...Impostors’ Like Sinclair

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NewsBusters—The New York Times, which dispenses unlabeled liberal reporting as slant every day, is keeping a wary eye on any conservative competition in the news business, eager to drop the “fake” label on their heads. Friday’s Business pages included the warning, “Americans Trust Local News. That Belief Is Being Exploited,” by Dartmouth College professor of government Brendan Nyhan. The URL includes the words “fake local news,” perhaps an artifact of a harsher previous headline. After noting misinformation...

Piers Morgan blasts New York Times for ‘fake news’. British talk show host Piers Morgan had a heated exchange with The New York Times on Twitter Saturday, blasting the paper as “fake news” for calling him a “conservative” media personality. “Erm, ⁦⁦@nytimes – fascinating feature on Trump’s Twitter feed – but I’m not part of the ‘Conservative news media’.. #FakeNews,” he tweeted.  Morgan was