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  • America's Military Is Powerful, But These 5 Generals Were Terrible

    Michael Peck Security, Leadership is a virtue. Here's What You Need To Remember: Finally, there was MacArthur's insubordination. He called for bombing China, as if liberating Korea was worth risking 550 million Chinese and possibly war with Russia as well. Whatever its military wisdom or lack thereof, it was a decision that should not have been made by generals under the American political system. When he made public his disagreements with President Truman, Truman rightfully fired him. More...

    The National Interest
  • AP Changes Style Guide to Capitalize 'B' in 'Black'

    The Associated Press (AP) changed its style guide to capitalize "black" when referring to people in a "racial, ethnic or cultural context."

  • 5 Big Initiatives New Postmaster General Should Deliver

    Taking the helm of a major organization is always a serious challenge. When the organization is in the midst of widely publicized turmoil, the challenge

    The Daily Signal