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  • No-one is talking about the best TV show on Netflix

    Commentary: Now is the time to watch Dark. I'm begging you.

  • Best Animated TV Series on Netflix Right Now

    Last Updated July 2nd When it comes to streaming content on Netflix, you have a lot of choices. A lot. We're here to help you narrow the vast library down to something a little more manageable. And if you're looking for classic cartoons, world-famous anime series, or the latest in computer-generated animation, then you've come to the right place! Each month, we'll comb through Netflix's collection of animated series, from traditional childhood favorites to the streaming provider's own original...

  • The Best Anime TV Series on Netflix Right Now

    Last Updated: June 21st Probably the biggest change in the anime industry in the last couple of years (besides the invasion of the isekai genre) has been the rise of Netflix as a powerhouse in both anime production and also distribution. Like with the rest of their original content, Netflix is constantly releasing new anime series and movies every month, to the point where it can be overwhelming. While some of the available series are fantastic and ground-breaking, some could definitely be...