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  • Sudanese court sentences Omar al-Bashir to 2 years in prison

    Ousted former president convicted of money laundering and corruption is also wanted by the ICC A court in Sudan has convicted former president Omar al-Bashir of money laundering and corruption, sentencing him to two years in prison. It is the first verdict in a series of legal proceedings against al-Bashir, who is also wanted by the international criminal court (ICC) on charges of war crimes and genocide linked to the Darfur conflict in the 2000s. Continue reading

    the Guardian
  • Open thread for night owls. Vanuatu: Int'l Criminal Court should look at labeling ecocide as a crime

    Marianne Brooker at The Ecologist writes—The Hague must recognise ecocide: The Pacific island state of Vanuatu made a bold statement [Tuesday] at the International Criminal Court (ICC)’s annual Assembly of States Parties in The Hague. It argued that the Assembly should consider seriously expanding the court's remit to include a crime of ecocide. Ambassador John Licht of Vanuatu, speaking on behalf of his government to the full plenary session of the Assembly, declared: "An amendment of...
  • ICE takes custody of German diplomat's son released on parole from 30-year murder sentence

    ICE received Jens Soering, 53, from Virginia state custody on Tuesday, a day after he was released on parole for the gruesome double murders of Derek and Nancy Haysom.

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